AVG Aces Malware Protection Test

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AV-Comparatives knows malware. As they clarify in their most recent Malware Protection Test report, the Austrian-based testing lab gathers “later, pervasive examples that are imperiling clients in the field.” Then, they send front line, malignant records into fight against famous cybersecurity programming.

Who will be left standing?

To get ready for their March 2018 Malware Protection Test, the lab gathered no under 20,046 malware tests for an epic “skirmish of the tech” against 18 customer items. AVG Free Antivirus was in that field and developed with a positioning honor of “Cutting edge +” — the most noteworthy AV-Comparatives gives.

For this investigation, “malware security” enveloped all phases of the pernicious’ first experience with the framework — previously, during, and after execution. By watching each stage, the lab got an all encompassing image of the security capacities. Sometimes, an antivirus didn’t perceive a malware that was idle, yet identified and blocked it once it enacted. The test enabled every product item to completely utilize its assets, including cloud-based identification systems, with the goal that each and every line of barrier was given an opportunity.

AVG Free Antivirus performed superior to anything normal in each class, securing against every one of the 20,046 examples and scoring an Online Protection Rate of 100%. Despite the fact that the malware tests were new and amped up with the most recent refinement and filthy stunts, AVG left all of them blocked and killed.

False positives happen when an antivirus botches a protected record for a tainted one. Your antivirus programming ought to have at least these, or else you’re managing superfluous cerebral pains on a genuinely normal premise. AV-Comparatives consistently checks for false positives, and for this one, the normal sum every item had was 50. AVG, in any case, just had nine, demonstrating that it knows great from awful far superior to most.

And keeping in mind that our product’s exhibition in this test was phenomenal, it was additionally predictable:

we got a similar score on a similar test back in September 2017. Purchasers can download AVG Free Antivirus today, completely stacked for most extreme security yet refreshingly basic for convenience.

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