AVG Privacy Fix APK

AVG PrivacyFix™ is the basic method to deal with your online protection settings through your cell phone. Download it now and gain admittance to one principle dashboard that rapidly and effectively demonstrates to you what and with whom you’re sharing stuff on Facebook®, Google® and LinkedIn®. Need to change something? Don’t sweat it! One basic snap takes you legitimately to where you can change your settings.

New! Wifi® following assurance – square versatile following over Wifi

This new element empowers you to pre-set WiFi systems you know and endorse and prevent your gadget from being followed over other WiFi systems

AVG PrivacyFix additionally cautions you about security chances as you surf the web, tells you when protection arrangements change and gives you a chance to control site following.

Since we as a whole utilize various gadgets, AVG PrivacyFix was intended to give you a chance to deal with your security settings on your telephone just as your tablet and PC.

Download for FREE at this point! Go to the link: AVG.com/retail

For Facebook you can:

– Discover more than 10 diverse Facebook security settings – including some you likely don’t think about.

– Set it up to be as private as you need it to be

– Manage your group – don’t need your presents going on every one of your ‘companions’ however would prefer not to unfriend them? Basically pick who you look for from your group and who remains in.

– Stay exceptional – tells you when something new needs your consideration, and takes you in that spot.

– Protect friends and family – your relatives may not be as cautious as you are with their security settings. AVG PrivacyFix helps spot when friends and family are oversharing, so you can give them a hand.

For Google you can:

– Choose what’s spared, saw or blocked – Whether it’s enabling your quests to be spared in your Google account, what occurs with your You Tube ™ seeing history or blocking gathering of your information history over the web – you choose. Square gathering of your information history

For LinkedIn® (accessible through the internet browser module) you can:

– Find out in case you’re offering your system to the world and on the off chance that others see when you check their profile. Effectively audit key settings and choose what’s appropriate for you.

Square Wifi Tracking:

Having WiFi on all the time can be a risk to your security. This Wi-Fi DNT (Do Not Track) include empowers you to have your telephone’s Wi-Fi consequently suspended when you’re out on the town, just reconnecting in the region of pre-set confided in WiFi areas, for example, your home, office or customary bistro.

Download for FREE at this point! Go to the link: AVG.com/retail

This keeps the gadget from transmitting a remarkable code (MAC address) which retailers and advertisers may use to follow the development of customers dependent on physical area. Retailers are utilizing this data to check guests, upgrade store designs or measure the adequacy of portable publicizing.

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