AVG Rescue CD v120.160420

AVG Rescue CD is a suite of a few helpful applications that you can keep running on your PC before the working framework begins, one of which fills in as a free bootable antivirus program.

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The program interface may not be as agreeable to use as comparable projects, however there are heaps of custom choices.

1) AVG Rescue CD Pros and Cons

In spite of the fact that the interface isn’t the best to work with, AVG Rescue CD has some pleasant highlights:


  • Custom output alternatives
  • Can empower heuristics filtering
  • Incorporates other supportive devices


  • Enormous download (170 MB)
  • No graphical interface
  • Exploring menus can be troublesome

Infection definitions are not present

2) Install AVG Rescue CD

Select the connection called “Outer Mirror 1 – For CD creation” on the download page to download AVG Rescue CD as an ISO record, or “Outside Mirror 2 – For USB stick” on the off chance that you need to utilize a USB gadget (it downloads as a ZIP document).

The subsequent stage is to consume the ISO record to a plate or put the program on a USB gadget. On the off chance that you need assistance doing this, perceive How to Burn an ISO Image File to a DVD, CD, or BD. To utilize the program on a USB gadget, simply remove the records from the ZIP download and after that run the AVG RescueCD/Linux Setup program called setup.exe.

Once AVG Rescue CD is on a circle or blaze drive (or some other USB gadget), you’ll have to boot your PC to it. Perceive How to Boot From a CD/DVD/BD Disk or How to Boot From a USB Device in the event that you’ve never done this.

3) Start a Virus Scan With AVG Rescue CD

The main screen you’ll see after you boot your PC to AVG Rescue CD will ask you what you’d like to do. To begin the program, pick AVG Rescue CD, at that point press Enter on the Disclaimer screen to acknowledge the understanding and begin.

There are over twelve choices you can browse when AVG Rescue CD first fires up. You’re ready to see past output results, mount Windows volumes, design arrange settings, and, obviously, start an infection examine.

To begin an output with AVG Rescue CD, just pick the Scan choice. You’ll at that point be solicited to pick a section from the PC to examine in the Scan Type Menu window. To examine an entire hard drive, pick Volumes, or select Directory or Registry to play out a progressively explicit sweep.

At last, you are given a few sweep choices, for example, to filter inside files, use heuristics for checking, examine treats, report records with macros, check the boot division, and others. Select or deselect choices with the Space key, at that point pick Enter to begin the custom output.

4) My Thoughts on AVG Rescue CD

My preferred thing about AVG Rescue CD is the way that you can pick distinctive output alternatives, since some comparative bootable infection scanners don’t offer such settings.

Be that as it may, what I hate most is the non-graphical interface. Not having the option to click around on the screen makes pushing ahead and in reverse through alternatives baffling, which really made me coincidentally exit totally out of the program twice while attempting to begin a sweep.

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In spite of the fact that once you clear your path through the wizard and appropriately start an output, doing as such with AVG Rescue CD will demonstrate to be advantageous on the grounds that you can alter what is examined.

A portion of the other included apparatuses worth referencing from AVG Rescue CD is one for mounting encoded volumes, a hard drive analyzer, and a ping utility.

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